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Be strong, my little one, be strong
For you were born to soar,
The wind is cold, the flight is long,
And you must fly with right and wrong
Before you reach the shore.

Be sure, my little one, be sure
For I have watched you grow.
You've never sought the false allure
Or drunk the dregs of wine impure
Which stain the heart's pure snow.

Be true, my little one, be true
To what you know is right.
Ignore the ignoramus who
With nose in air knows what to do
And lectures all in sight.

Be bold, my little one, be bold
And hold to your belief.
For you are warm where they are cold
And you are young where they are old.
And theirs will be the grief.

Be proud, my little one, be proud
For yours the world will be.
You are not moulded by the crowd
Nor scared by voices harsh and loud,
For you, like me, are free.

September 2002

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