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The Little Ship

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I saw a ship, a little ship
Launched on a restless sea,
Slip into the water
Full of grace and dignity

The watchers waved and cheered and clapped
'til they could wave no more,
And the little ship rode proud and high
As she sailed out from the shore.

Then, as the watchers turned and left
And the light began to go,
The clouds grew thick and the waves rose high
As the wind commenced to blow.

Tossed on a strange and swirling sea
That she had never known,
The little ship grew sore afraid
So cold and all alone.

When suddenly there came a light
Which split the night apart;
A circling dove with wings of love
Cried "Courage, Dearest Heart".

Then all at once the waves died down
And the sky began to pale
As the little ship knew in her soul
That she was meant to sail.

That, with the dove perched on her mast
To light and keep her warm,
She'd have the courage and the strength
To ride the fiercest storm.

Then from the clouds the sun broke forth
And her sails were filled with pride,
For the little ship was back on course
With Aslan at her side.

(with acknowledgements to C S Lewis)

September 1990

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